Plums in chocolate

Baklava is baklava, but one kilogram of plums in chocolate has disappeared like a rabbit in a hat…

Long time before going back to Poland  we were discussing about  polish and turkish sweets,. I was asked what is typical for Poland and for my region. I had to think for a while about it, but then  I reminded myself about Solidarność and unforgetable plums in chocolate. So I promised to bring it when I will go back to Poland, so it has happend.  No sooner said than done, willy-nilly, I have bought  one kilogram of plums and stowed in my luggage together with one bottle of pure vodka for L. and one żubrówka for me  and I came back to Bursa.

On the first day of work after long break I took whole one kilo with me , because it would look silly, when I would unpack original package with logo. And in the right moment when Ali Bay was in the office I have opened the box. I went round whole office, I remitted the factory, because people were coming back for the second plum before I have finished with the office…

Then they started to come back for fistfuls of plums, and then G. asked me hom much does tsuch a package cost and that she will pay me money and I will bring it for her from Poland after Christmas. In the end our stocky representatives from Istanbul came, spilled out last four plums, thrown away the package, gave me one plum and took away the rest for him, laughing all the time. But it looks like not for free…When I started to talk with G. about good brands of turkish wine, he told me not to buy, because he will bring me vintage wine – 1998 from his collection… My jaw has dropped, because it must me bloody expensive, but I’m realistic: wait till you will have this wine in your suitcase, and then you can be happy. Anyway it sounds interesting. And it would look nice amongst dad’s colletion of wines.

And that was plum in chocolate…

About everyday life, my umbrella, which I left on the last day in the office, was found in the place where I have left it. My Bu-Kart, was exactly where I have left it. In turn in the office new human with Marrocan  origins appeared, but lets leave it for the next episode of the story and I have to admit that it will be busy in here. My keyboard is becoming red only when I think about it – interpersonal relationships  and uncensored.


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