Blogspot banned in Turkey

Dear friends imagine, that after releaving, it’s time to block… Blogspot. According to this situation I am writing this post in a rush and chaos, because maybe it is my last post… I will be like Titanic orchestra… playing till the end…
I came to my office, opened my computer, IE and the most used pages and saw unpleasent surprise. Instead of my blog there was only white background and red letters saying…

Bu siteye erişim mahkeme kararıyla engellenmiştir.

What basically means that: „Access to this website was disabled by court decission”. What court? What is going on? So I started to search…

Blogger Banned in Turkey
Blocked blogspot in Turkey

Blogger Blocked in Turkey

Blogger Banned in Turkey Due to Live Streaming Online

As of March 1 2011, Turkish courts have again blocked Blogger

Turkey Blocking Blogger Over 1 BlogSpot Blog?
Blogspot banned in football row

Increadible… so it is not the first time… but it is ridiculous… After some time I realised that G can easily open my blog on her computer, E can do the same, but at the same time L can not… How is it possible?


Fortunately I still can publish from home. It will make my work just a bit more complicated, but for sure will not stop me writing. 

We will see what will happen tomorrow… 


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